Foundations of Engineering

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Syllabus/Contract First Semester

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Unit 1: Essential Question: What controls the development of technology? Content Map, Checklist 1, Unit 1 VocabularyUnit 1 Vocabulary Answers,

Introduction to the World PP

Introduction to the World PP handout, Intro to the World Worksheet,


Introduction to Technology PP,

Introduction to Technology Power Point HandoutMimzy Worksheet,

History of Engineering

History of Engineering Power Point,

Historical figures in Engineering Power Point,

online activity: and History of Engineering worksheet,

Political Systems and Their Effect on Engineering and Technology, Political Systems Worksheet, Answers to Political Systems Worksheet,

Political Systems Puzzle, Chapter 1 Questions, Chapter 1 Power Point,

Technology Through the Ages Chart, Study Guide with Answers,

Unit 2: Universal Systems Model

Universal Systems Model Power Point, Handout for Universal Systems Model PP,

Chapter 4-A Notes on 1) People, 2) Tools,


Machines: Intro to Levers, Power Point on First-Class Levers,

Chapter 4-B Notes on 1) Levers,

Procedures for working with LEGOS,

Processes: Chapter 3A, Chapter 3B, Chapter 3C,

Puzzle for Chapter 3A Bellwork,

Unit 3Careers in Engineering

Trackstar LINK, Worksheet

Unit 4: Production in Engineering

Chapter 13 Worksheet, Answers

Structures Power Point

Chapter 14, Answers

Chapter 15


Study guide

Study guide with Answers

Chapter 16 (1-27)

Chapter 16 (1-27) Anwers

Chapter 16 (28 - 62)

Chapter 16 (28 - 62) Answers

Review for Chapter 16 TEST

Review for Chapter 16 TEST Answers