Foundations of Manufacturing

Foundations of Manufacturing Textbook

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First Semester Syllabus,

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Unit 1: History of Manufacturing, Technological Impacts of Manufacturing, Societal Impacts of Manufacturing, Careers in Manufacturing

1. Content Map and 2. Student Checklist

History of Manufacturing Power Point,

The History of Manufacturing in Early AmericaHistory of Manufacturing Power Point Hand-OutJournal Entry,

Manufacturing PPT, Rubric for Assignment

101 Gadgets that Changed History,

Political Systems and Their Effect on Technology, Political Systems Worksheet, Political Systems Worksheet Answers, Political Systems Puzzle,

Current Event Assignment,

Unit 2: Universal Systems Model

Universal Systems Model Power Point, Handout for Universal Systems Model PP,

Engineering Design

Engineering Design Journal:

Power Point on EDJ, Worksheet for PP on EDJ,



Unit 3: Mechanisms

Gears, McCaulay Gears



Answers to Final Review