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                 Les Salutations (Greetings)  
English Pronunciation
1.Good morning/Good dayBonjourBohn-zhoor
2. Good evening (after 5:00 p.m.)BonsoirBohn-swahr
3. Hello/HiSalutSah-lew
4. How are you?*Comment allez- vous? Koh-mahn tah lay-voo?
5. How are you?Comment vas tu?Koh-mahn vah too?
6. How are you?Ça va?Sah vah?
7. How are things?Comment ça va ?Koh-mahn sah vah?
8.I am fine thank you.Ça va bien merci.Sah vah byan mair-see.
9.And you?Et toi?  * Et vous?Ay twah? / Ay voo?
10.Very well.Très bien.Treh byan.
11Quite well.Assez bien.A-say byan.
12 So-soComme ci, comme ça.Kohm see, kohm sah.
13 Not very well.Pas très bien.Pah treh byan.
14Terrible.Très mal.Treh mahl.
15 Thank youMerciMair-see
16 You are welcome.De rien.Duh ryan.

What is your name?

*Comment vous appelez vous?

Koh-mahn voo zah-puh-lay voo?

What is your name?Comment t’appelles- tu?

Koh-mahn tah-pel too?

My name is _________.Je m’appelle _____.

Zhuh mah-pel____.

What is he/she called?Comment il/elle s’appelle?

Koh-mahn eel/el sah-pel?

He/She is called ______.

Il/Elle s’appelle ____.

Eel/el sah-pel______.
What are they called?Comment ils s’appellent?

Koh mahn eel sah-pel?

They are called _______.Ils/Elles s’appellent ______.

Eel/el sah-pel


Pleased to meet you.Enchanté.Ahn-shan-tay.


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