Ms. Fisher, Kindergarten Teacher

 "Why Do I Teach?"

 My name is Norma Fisher and I currently teach Kindergarten at Hoffer Elementary School in Banning, California. Being the oldest of six children, my first teaching experiences were teaching my younger siblings to do many things. Those experiences lead me to explore teaching as a career. After teaching preschool for over 20 years, I finally completed a teaching credential in 2008. I then substitute taught for 6 years, and received my first full-time teaching job in the Banning Unified School District. I taught as an Intervention teacher in middle school, then accepted a Kindergarten teaching position in 2016-2017. Teaching Kindergarten can be very challenging but very rewarding. Every student is valuable to me and I am humbled to have the opportunity to teach and make a difference in the hearts and minds of children who are eager to learn and grow and whom I am entrusted with to help develop to their greatest potential. I have always had a passion to positively influence people around me and hopefully make the world a better place to live. Teaching provides me with that opportunity because by teaching I am helping students to reach their greatest potential. If I give my best to teaching, positive results will follow!! Click on the link below to view highlights of my Kindergarten class this year.

Highlights of the Year