Better Bush Tomato Bag 7 and 10

How to Grow a Better Bush Tomato

"Better Bush" tomatos grow well in gardens and containers.

“Better Bush” tomatoes (Lycopersicon esculentum) grow well both in the garden and in containers, making it ideal for gardeners with big plans but limited space. The plant is stronger than many other tomato varieties and produces a lot of leaves that shade the fruit and protects it from the sun as it ripens. The “Better Bush” variety produces tomatoes that are about four inches in diameter and it produces them for about two months upon maturity.

Cage or stake the plants when they are getting large and heavy enough to fall over. “Better Bush” tomatoes are known to have a strong central leader and can support themselves better than many tomato varieties but still benefit from caging.

Harvest and enjoy your tomatoes when they are fully ripe. Ripe “Better Bush” tomatoes will be full, red and firm. This will occur around 68 days after planting.