Welcome to the Garden



WELCOME..to the Garden at the Gardens!  

We hope you enjoy your visit. and learn a lot. Scan the codes as you travel through the garden to learn more about the plants. 

We have several garden beds as well as herb  boxes and garden bags.   This years crop began in January with planting of the herb boxes and garden beds. The Garden Bags were added on March 1st.  We harvested butterleaf lettuce from Bed 3 and Cabbage from Bed 4.  We made a delicious cole slaw from the cabbage. YUM!

The garden began in the 2015-16 school year and has continued to develop.  Second grade teacher Tara Dukanauskas wrote and received grants and support to make this garden a reality.  


The  Broward Education Foundation

State of Florida Agricultural Grant

 Broward Farm Bureau

 Seven Eleven Corporation

 Master Farmer Ian Wolinsky

 Lynn Walsh (teacher/garden consultant),

NAGE PTA and Student

 Parent and Community Volunteers

 Also a Thank you to our administrators for their support:

Principal Davida J. Shacter and Interim Principal Craig  Lehrhaupt.

A special thanks to Mr. Pottmeyer and his student for our wall mural.

A special THANK YO Uto everyone who has helped crreate and support our Garden.