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Hola muchachos!  Thanks for visiting my website.  On this website you will find the latest information on class assignments and you'll be able to print out missing work.  I'll post reminders of upcoming project deadlines and keep you informed of what we're working on in class.  Make sure you visit my page often so that you don't fall behind.

  •  The second six weeks started on Monday, September 29th. 
  • FAS classes started last week.  Those of you that were absent last week, FAS is right after 2nd period.  Your first period teacher should tell you where you are supposed to go. 

To type accents use these codes 

á Press Alt + 160
é Press Alt + 130
í Press Alt + 161
ó Press Alt + 162
ú Press Alt + 163

ñ Press Alt + 164

ü Press Alt + 129

¡ Press Alt + 173
¿ Press Alt + 168

October 9, 2008

Binders are due on October 14 (Next Tuesday).  Have them ready to turn in.  Remember that the binders count as a test grade so if you don't turn it in, your grade will go down.

Your three weeks exam is coming up also.  We will review next week.  Exam is on October 16.