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Thomas County Central High School Interact Club    

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Thank you to all of the members who participated in SWAY-J! We had a great turn out this year and we appreciate your enthusiastic efforts you put forth to give your child and their family a special Christmas.

Also, a very big thank you is in order to everyone who donated money in order to help our family in need. We were able to purchase and abundance of gifts for the whole family, which included toys as well as food items, to ensure that they had a wonderful Christmas and a hopeful New Year.

  Help Our Troops Project Update

Please bring either quart or gallon size storage or freezer bags by next Friday, February 3rd! We will be staying after school Thursday, February 9th, to package the bags. If you have any toiletries or non-perishable food items you would like to donate, please give them to by Mrs. Nancy Rogers before our packaging.

Valentine's Day

Interact Club will be showing our appreciation for all of the faculty members by giving them each a valentine heart with a Hershey’s hug attached. The heart reads: Happy Valentine’s Day! Thank you for all you do for your students. Here is a “hug” to show our appreciation!

If you would like to personalize a valentine’s heart for a particular teacher specifically from you, please see one of the administrators or Angel Lewis. The valentine’s will be place inside the teachers’ boxes and the valentines for the lunch ladies will be hand delivered.








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