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In the washer motor industry, it is difficult to sloppy and emotionally say which washer motor is better. Even if two different types of motors are compared, we will find that they have their own advantages and disadvantages.

How to choose direct drive motor of washing machine?

Can a single-phase AC asynchronous motor be used as a direct drive motor for a washing machine?

I think it should be inappropriate. After all, the congenital structural disadvantages lead to a small single-phase AC asynchronous motor with a small unit-to-power ratio. The starting torque is too small, the overload capability is not good, and the control accuracy is not high.

Can the switched reluctance motor SRM be used as a direct drive motor for a washing machine?

This should still be ok. However, it has a more prominent problem that the torque ripple is relatively large. Although increasing the number of click phases can reduce the torque ripple to a certain extent, the control difficulty is also increased, and the cost is also increased.

Can a three-phase asynchronous motor (frequency induction motor) be used as a direct drive motor for a washing machine?

The current common method for three-phase asynchronous motors is to drive the washing machine together with the reduction drive system. The speed is usually adjusted by changing the frequency of the power supply when the number of poles is constant. However, due to the high price of the control circuit and the complicated implementation of the technology, the total cost is high.

At present, the direct drive of the washing machine is a direct-drive motor of a permanent magnet brushless DC motor, which is a BLDC. For example, LG, Toshiba and other washing machine brands use an outer rotor type brushless DC motor to drive the drum washing machine. Because it is simple to install, reliable, efficient, and noisy.

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