Accomodations, Modifications, and Interventions

What is an Accomodation?

An accomodation is a change that is made to the instruction or assessment that allows the student to fully access the general education curricumum without actually making a change to the content. The expectations for the student receiving accomodations are the same as the rest of the general education classroom. The accomodations are made to reduce or eliminate the effects of the student's disability to allow for unbiased instruction and assessment in the classroom.

What are some accomodations I can provide for my students?

  • Giving the student extra time when taking a test or completing an assignment.
  • Reading the test out loud to the student.
  • Allowing the student to tell you their responses to questions on the test rather than writing them out.
  • Giving the students a study guide before a test.
  • Allow the student to tape record lessons as you teach them. 
  • Allow the student to stand up, walk around, take a break when taking a test (ensuring there is no distractions to other students).
  • Allow the student to take the test or complete the assignment in another room.
  • Print assignments with larger print.

What is a Modification?