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Musical Instrument Project & Written Report

Instructions Come Home:  Wednesday, February 16th

Project Due:  Wednesday, March 9th



Each child will create a musical instrument.  This is an at home project.

Instrument Requirements:

1.  Your instrument must make a sound.

2.  You need to use "found" materials to make your instrument.  Recycle or reuse!  Please do not buy things to use for this project!

  3.  Your instrument must be able to make a minimum of two pitches.

4.  Be creative and have fun! 

Report Requirements:

You need to include the following information in a written report on your instrument.  Please use paragraph form for your report.  You need to follow the guidelines below for your paragraphs.  Remember to give each paragraph a topic sentence, details, and an ending sentence.

Paragraph 1:  Introduction/Making Your Instrument

*  What is the name of your instrument?

*  How did you get the idea to make this instrument?  (EX:  I wanted to make something like a guitar.)

*  How did you make your instrument?

*  What materials did you use to make your instrument? 

Paragraph 2:  Classification/Performance

*  Which family does your instrument belong to?  (woodwinds, percussion, etc.)

*  What sound(s) does it make?  (ting, thud, loud, soft, clatter, etc.)

*  What does the sound remind you of?

*  How do you play your instrument?

*  Does your instrument have a high or low pitch?

*  How do you change the volume of your instrument?

Paragraph 3:  Conclusion

*  Did you enjoy making your instrument?

*  Why did you choose to create this instrument?

*  What could you change or add to improve your instrument?

*  Would you do anything differently if you were able to make it again?

Extra Credit Option (5 possible points):

Play a song on your instrument.  You can play a song that you know or that you have composed yourself. 


This project will be divided into 2 parts:  instrument and written report.

 Instrument Grade (50 possible points):

*  Turned in on time (10 points)

*  Makes a sound (10 points)

*  Used "found" materials to create (10 points)

*  Plays a minimum of two pitches (10 points)

*  Creativity and neatness (10 points)

Report Grade (50 possible points):

Each paragraph is worth 10 points.  (3 paragraphs x 10 points each = 30 points)

*  Answers questions (6 points)

*  Includes topic sentence and ending sentence (4 points)

Conventions/presentation of each paragraph is worth 20 points.

*  Indented paragraphs (3 points)

*  Punctuation and correct spelling (7 points)

*  Complete sentences (5 points)

*  Neatness (handwriting/typing) (5 points) 

90-100 points:  A

80-89 points:  B

70-79 points:  C 

60-69 points:  D

less than 60:  F