All words will be sent home on Mondays.  Tests will be on Fridays unless otherwise noted.


January Words

January 3-7:

Spelling Words: girl, clear, her, turn, dark, work, smart, word, hurt, serve, north, third

        Word Wall Words:  great, done, wasn't, through


January 10-14:

Spelling Words:  large, gym, skin, quick, picnic, judge, park, jeans, crack, orange, second, squeeze

Word Wall Words:  unable, picture, almost, family


January 17-21:

Spelling Words:  hear, here, new, knew, its, it's, our, hour, their, they're, there

Word Wall Words:  doesn't, enough, remember, nobody


January 24-28: **Test on Thursday due to the end of 2nd Quarter**

Spelling Words:  hair, cair, chair, pair, bear, where, scare, air, pear, bare, fair, share

Word Wall Words:  wrist, thought, change, dessert