Review Games

 *This is a Game of Concentration  (Partner game)

Use: review instruments, composers, songs, music symbols, music styles

Directions: students choose a partner, recite the rhyme, then take turns naming items in a particular category

This is a game (clap clap)   Of concentration (clap clap) 

No repeats (clap clap)   Or Hesitations (clap clap) 

You go first (clap clap)  And I'll go second (clap clap) 

The subject is (clap clap)  Instruments (clap clap) 

Possible categories: Instruments, Rhythms, Songs, Symbols, Composers

 *Take the Bait (Individual or Team Game)Use: Review rhythms, instruments, terms/symbolsMaterials needed: a dowel rod with a magnet attached to it with fishing line or string and plenty of laminated paper fish with music symbols, terms, or instruments drawn on one side, with a paperclip placed on one end. Directions: Students take turns using the fishing pole to “catch” fish lying face-down on the floor.  When played as an individual game, students keep a fish if they correctly identify the symbol, term, or instrument that is on the fish’s back.  If they are incorrect, they must throw back the fish. The student with the most fish wins.  Variations: You may play this game in teams.  Each team has a string and clips any correctly identified fish with clothespins to the string.   The team with the most fishes when all have been caught wins. Extra fun: Have the students choose one symbol that will be the “wild fish.”   If this fish is caught, the team gets to steal a fish from the other team’s line.