My Leadership Skills


2020 Fall Teacher Showcase

2019/2020 Blended Learning Design Team/ELA Team

 I am apart of the new Blended Learning Design Team and in the midst of creating a plan and helping be apart of  Student Ownership and Refelction section of the Agenda for our plan and implementation of Blended Learning emphasizing individulized learning as well as PBL workshops through BL stations. 


2018/2019 UIL Coordinator


I organized the UIL event for the district among the elementary and middle school campuses of Palestine, Longview and Tyler. I created schedules, event list, contestant roster, overlap schedule and conflict pattern to organize the event. I contacted teachers/ coaches with in the district. I shared practice supplies among the different coaches of events. I made copies of all tests , rules and procedures to help prepare for the Day of the UIL event.



2019 GT Testing/ Identification Coordinator



I have taken on the role at the Longview University Academy  to identify Gifted and Talented Students in the Elementary Grades 1st through 5th. Classroom teacher nominated younger students to become identified as Gifted and Talented, so our campus will be able to continue to have a growing GT sub pop through our middle level and high school grades. I created a formal nomination letter for parents to allow us to screen their child. I will collect data though a GT screening that involves the identification of a student’s ability through testing, teacher input, and/or collecting additional data to support gifted potential.

Student Council Leadership 2016-2019


I have completed my third year of  being a cosponsor of High School and Jr. High Student Council. This year our council is now participating President School for the district 4.19 in both the High School Level and Junior High Level. This year as Vice President School in the Junior High we held our first Fall Forum at Grace Greek Church. I have  participated in workshops at the State Advisors conference in San Marcos for the past 3 years . I took four Jr. High student council members to the Middle Level State Conference in San Marcos, as well as nine High School STUCO members to the High School State Conference in Arlington. I aided students with many fundraisers for our Student Council as well as charity fundraisers. Some of these include two food drives, Turkey of the Year in November and  the SuperBowl food drive in February. We have held several school dances, one Halloween Costume Dance and are in the midsts of planning an 80's Spring Dance/Mardi Gras dances. I also aided students to raise funds for "Pennies for Pasta" Lymphoma Society as well as Donations for the Donate Life Organ Donation organization. I aided in helping students plan dress days and announcements to recognize national holidays as well as  Drug Free awareness, such as Red Ribbon Week. Our Longview Innovation Academy's Student Council received Outstanding Sweepstakes recognition through Texas Association of Student Council for the past three years. This 

Attached are documents that further the explanation of all that STUCO accomplished this year. 

2016:2017 Student Council Leadership.docx

2016TASC Advisors Conference STUCO .pdf

CPE TASC Advisors workshop record

District 419 Advisors Meeting @ LUC.pdf



UIL Coaching


I have participated in UIL for the past four  years at Innovation Academy. This past year 2018 I coached both the Ready Writing and Dictionary Skills Teams for 4th and 5th grade. In 2015/2016, I was UIL coach of 3 different teams. I hosted practices every Wednesday and Friday after school. My students placed on various competitions with in 3/4th grade Ready Writing, 3/4th grade Spelling, 3rd grade Story Telling and 4th grade Oral Reading. Last year I participated in UIL coaching with 5 different teams: Spelling, Ready Writing, Social Studies, Dictionary Skills and Oral Reading. We use flex time and created a Haiku page to help them practice at home. Many of my students placed with in the top 3 awards. This year I practiced with two events Dictionary skills and Ready Writing for both 4th and 5th grade. We received awards for every event. 

5th2018 grade Dictionary Skills 1st, 3rd, 6th.png

5th grade 2018 Ready Writing 1st,4th.png

4th grade Ready Writing 2018 1st,2nd, 3rd.png

2018:4th grade Dictionary Skills 1,2,3.png

4th Ready Writing.png   

 4th Spelling.png    

5th Dictionary Skills.png   

 5th Oral Reading.png    

5th Ready Writing.png    

5th Social Studies.png   

5th Spelling.png


Content Specific Roles Presentation at 2018 STEM conference


2018 Texas STEM Coalition

I presented with Jason McGregor at the STEM conference using best practices by "Enhancing Student Engagement and Performance in PBL." We presented our knowledge of PBL and how we have found that Content Specific Roles help raise accountability, authenticity and engagement.


2016/2017Presentations for Professional Development - Content Specific Roles


The elementary team at the Longview Campus found that giving Content Specific Roles to elementary students through the PBL model helps teach them how to hold accountability through 21st Century Skills. We were asked to present how we implement these roles in our classroom. I have attached our presentation.

Professional Development Presentation over Content Specific Roles.docx

Professional Devvelopment Content Specific Roles Presentation.pptx


Digital Citizenship Presentation 2018 PD


Jamie Burke- Hicks and I presented our Independent Study and PBL presentation at 2018 February PD.