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Director Walkthroughs 


Director/ Coach Walkthroughs - Organization and student engagement

September 2018


This walkthrough focuses on my use of Classroom Management and my use of teaching procedures and routines to build a creative , engaging, and structured learning environment in my classroom.

9:18 -1-Director Observation.png        9:18-2-Director Observation.png      9:18-3-Director Observation.png


February 2019

This walkthrough given by my director, focuses on my strength in organization with in stations and through my online Haiku pages. She comments on how smoothly and seamlessly my students move from station to station and then will transitions to literature circles with ease. 

Director Observation 2:25:19 Part 1.png   Director Observation 2:25 part 2.png   Director Observation Part 3 2:25:19.png

March 2018

This walkthrough focuses on my strength of using time management with in my classroom. It shows how I can transition smoothly from one activity to the next starting with reflection, to student presentations, and then moving into stations.

3:18 Director Observation 1.png 3:18 Director Observation 2.png 3:18 Director Observation 3.png

December 2017

This walkthrough focuses on my strengths of implementing a classroom timer to help make sure students are on task and use time wisely. This walkthrough also incorporated a "time on Task check" where I had 20/22 students on task. 

Woods Observation Dec 7.xlsx

Director Observation Equitey and Inclusive Design 4:2017.pdf


March 2016

Student Engagement/ Organization

The PDAS observation on page 2 acknowledges how I use Class Dojo to keep students engaged and on task by awarding points. The Principal Observation document acknowledges my Classroom Management progress by stating that I create effective routines and procedures that keeps my classroom organized and students on task. 

PDAS March 2016.pdf 

Principal Observation 11:2016.pdf

March 2017

Classroom Management though Stations and Delivery and Instruction

Director Observation 3:22:17.pdf


Action Research PBL implementation


This research shows how I  use student specific roles to manage the  PBL design process of the PBL. This was also presented at the 2018 STEM conference in Galveston


Enhancing Project Based Learning Through Content Specific Roles and Dissection of 21st Century Skills to Impact Student Performance and Engagement at the Elementary Level.



Organization - Calendars


PLANNING 2018/2019 Calendars

18:19 Quarter_1_Stranded:Wax Museum.docx

Quarter_2_2018:19Term Calendar.docx

2018:2019 Quarter3WoodsCalendar.docx

2019 Quarter_4_Plans .docx

PLANNING 2017/2018

17:18 Quarter_1_Space.docx

Quarter_2_2017:18Term Calendar.docx

Quarter 3 – PR 2018.docx

2018 Quarter_4_Plans .docx

PLANNING 2016/2017

Quarter_1_Term Calendar.docx


Quarter3WoodsCalendar 2016:2017.docx

2017 Quarter_4_Plans .docx

PLANNING 2015/2016

Quarter 1 2015:16 Narrative Poem and Space PBL.docx

Quarter 2 2015:16 PBL3 states of matter.doc

Quarter 3 2015:2016 PBL 4 circuits.docx Quarter 3: part 2 2015:2016 .docx

Quarter 4 2015:2016.docx