My Professional Progress

"In teaching others we teach ourselves"  - Proverb

2021 Piloting the Crimsi Ampligy program for 6-8 ELA. 

I volunteered to complete the Advanced Pilot Program for  the new TEA online program through AMPLIFY for 6-8 ELA. This will consist of hours outisde the school day to analyze the different aspects of the program, attend trainings, feedback sessions, Zoom conferences, Video my lessons and turn in student work. I am looking forward to looking at the Program and finding another tool to add to my classroom to help my students progress in the ELA.

2021 Virtual STEM Conference Conference Certificate.png

I attended the Virtual STEM conference in February. I particpated in several sessions that touched on Teaching through Covid and remote learning, as well as best practices in Project Based Learning and new ideas using newer technology for educaiton. 


Masters Degree in Curriculum and Instruction


I graduated in the Spring of 2018 with a Masters in Curriculum and Instruction with a focus in Educational Technology

Master Degree .jpeg

2020 Blended Learing Grant Implementation

This year I have participated in implementing our new Grant for ELA. I attended several Zoom conferences as well as incorporated our new Lexia Software in at a daily basis.  I used the software to track progress for each student and identify Teir 2 and 3 students as well. I created data trackers and Choice Boards to help students take control of their learning with their data trackers.  I also completed DDI forms to report finding of formative and summative data on a weekly basis.

2019 Blended Learning Grant Program

I attended the Kickoff Summit at the ESC Region 10. I am currently part of the Blended Learning Grant Design team . I am excitingly piloting the Blended Learning program into my classroom for the new school year.  I am eagerly ready to learn new Blended Learning stratigies to help improve student progress and reach students at the level they are at. 

2019 MIZ workshop at Tyler

I attended 4 days of the MIZ workshop at the UA campus in Tyler. Here I learned how to create individualized learning playlists and created Writing Playlist to try out for my students the first weeks of school.

Third Grade Grammar Itineray,  4th grade Grammar Itinerary

2018 Stem Coalition Conference


2018 Texas STEM Coalition

Attended and presented at the Texas STEM Coalition in Galveston. I attended several great sessions to improve inquiry of PBL, integration of past with new engineering innovations and enrichment of PBL through writing.

I presented with Jason McGregor at the STEM conference using best practices by "Enhancing Student Engagement and Performance in PBL." We presented our knowledge of PBL and how we have found that Content Specific Roles help raise accountability, authenticity and engagement.

Action Research PBL implementation


Enhancing Project Based Learning Through Content Specific Roles and Dissection of 21st Century Skills to Impact Student Performance and Engagement at the Elementary Level.


Work in Progress it will be Complete by the End of April


Technology Independent Study/ Digital Citizenship PBL


Mrs. Burke-Hicks and I were assigned an Independent Study class that focused on us finding a technology issue with in our school. We choose to address the level of implementation of technology TEKS in the classroom. We decided to create a PBL that focused on teaching the 9 themes of digital citizenship combining Elements of Design in Art, ELA expository compositions, persuasive techniques and nonfiction text structures and features.  Students were assigned one of the 9 themes of digital citizenship and in charge of designing a digital presentation to teach that theme to the 3rd and 4th grade. They also had to create a poster to create awareness as well as an engaging activity to assess the younger students knowledge over the theme that was taught. 

Independent Study: Implementing Project Based Learning to Explore the “Why” Behind the Nine Elements of Digital Citizenship


PBL: Launch Doc. - High School Student Council Officers introduced our Launch pushing the WHY digital literacy is important.


PRODUCTS: Digital presentation:



image of gallery walk:

Professional Development WORKSHOPS


Kernel Writing Workshop


In order to improve my students writing and help create less formulated compositions, I brainstormed with my new writing content tested coworkers in both 7th and 9th grade ELA. They had heard of Kernel Writing and used it in the past. I decided I would try it and learn how to use it. I watched many YouTube videos and read the books below to help me familarize with the new strategy to writing and learn how to implement it in the classroom. 

The Books I read were: 

"The story to my Thinking" and "Crunch Time" By: Gretchen Bernabei


Summer Workshops 2018


Content Workshops in areas Students Struggle


Fourth grade Writing tends to be one of my most challenging subjects that students struggle in. I do see growth from Benchmark to Benchmark, but I am always looking for new ways to have students discover their own voice and learn how to improve their writing through revise and editing.  I feel as though teaching grammar tends to be the content I struggle with the most. I attended a Grammar Crafting Workshop in February at Region 7 to look for new ways to implement teaching Grammar. I learned how to use Mentor Sentences through Literature to gain interest as well as teach concepts of grammar. 

2018 - Writing - Revise and Editing Workshop at Region 7 - 2/20/2018

067901 Grammar Crafting: The Art of Teaching Grammar

Professional Developement


2017 Coursework focus in PBL for Masters Course Curriculum Foundations 



2018 Curriculum and Instruction Course Work. 

History of STEM EDUC 5306: I analyzed why STEM was created and how it has impacted our future. 

I analyzed information through research and  and interviews from people that were apart of STEM creation during the civil rights movement.

Minority’s experience of education during the Civil Rights Movement.docx

EDUC 5301 and EDUC 5302 Action Research 

My action research is based on holding students accountable with authentic student specific roles through project based learning. 


Writing Academy TAP and THINK workshop

TAP and Think.pdf


PBL Coach Walkthroughs


2020-2021 PBL Coach Walkthroughs

Classroom Mangagment and Repore with students, Student Choice

Teacher allows for authentic and autonomaus choice with content , process or with work product. Students know their role and or responsibility with colloaborative group activites.


2019-2020 PBL COACH Walkthrough

Focus of Observation: Instruction and Delivery 

Instructional activities are motivating, engaging, and of high interest to students., Instructional activities have a STEM connection or a real world value., Instructional activities are differentiated to meet the needs of all students., Instructional activities are rigorous and challenging., Instructional goals and expectations are clear to students., Instructional objectives are aligned to content/grade level standards., Instructional technology is used to enhance student learning.

2020 Coach Instruction and Delivery Walkthrough


PBL Coach Walk Throughs 2/12/19


This Observation was during PBL design time and focused on my classroom environment during this time. 

2:12 PBL COach.png

2:12:19 PBL COach Observation part 1.png

2:12:19 PBL COACH Observation part 2.png



This walk through focuses on knowledge of content. Samantha Rector states my ability teach content rich activities through the lense of Social Studies and Science. She also explains how I am able to build upon past knowledge in order to gain new content knowledge. 

11:18 1-PBL Coach Observation.png

11:18-2-PBL Coach Observation.png

PBL Coach Walkthrough 3/2018


PBL Coach Walkthrough 1.png PBL Coach Walkthrough 2.png PBL Coach Walkthrough 3.png

This walkthrough focuses on my strengths of promoting deep reading comprehension  as well as my ability  to facilitate stations with a deep understanding of content. 


2017 Content Coach Walkthrough


2017-09-26 14-50-23 Natalie Woods.pdf

This walkthrough demonstates my understanding of the process of Expository writing and is able to explain the pieces to the students through the Lorax example. It show my ability to integrate reading and writing by have students respond to literature using figurative language and RACE short answer response writing strategy. 


ELA Content Coach Walkthroughs


2015/2016 ELA COACH WALKTHROUGHS- Jennifer Rasberry

ELA Coach Walk through Jan 13 2016.docx


2016/2017 ELA COACH WALKTHROUGHS - Jennifer Rasberry

ELA Coach Walkthrough Oct. 2016.pdf

Woods Observation Dec 7.xlsx


2017/2018 Coach Walkthroughs- Jennifer Rasberry 

9:2017 Coach Walkthrough .pdf



  • EC-6 Generalist
  • 4-8 English Language Arts Certification
  • ESL certification 
  • Special Education Certification
  • Gifted and Talented Certification

SBEC Certifications