Homework is given Monday -Thursday to be returned no later than Friday of that same week. 

Please keep in mind, homework is 5% of your child's final grade. A's in homework only will not allow for a passing grade. Your child must perform at state and county standards in all other areas to successfully achieve A's and B's.


All of my students will have the opportunity each day to write down the homework assignment for the evening. If your student forgets to do so or loses their assignment, you as the parent can come here to find their homework assignment for the evening.


HOMEWORK August 21-25, 2017

Students are to read every night for 15 minutes.


Monday: Math, Spelling and Language Arts 


Tuesday: Math, Spelling, and Language Arts


Wednesday: Math, Spelling and Language Arts


Thursday: Math, Spelling and Language Arts    Study for SPELLING TEST on Friday


Friday: No homework!