Clayton County Menus and Celebrations

School Menus

**Tip: Please complete proper form to notify the school of any food allergies. Send me an email for this form.

Individual Snacks

Please bring student's snacks in a lunch box or bag. Please do not wrap in paper towel for this may cause a pest problem. Candy is not a snack. Students are allowed to bring their snack to lunch and not allowed to eat during class time. No exceptions.

Classroom Snacks

Yes, I welcome snacks for the classroom! Keep in mind some students have allergies to nuts, shellfish, and dairy. Try to bring a snack that are individually wrapped. No beverages for classroom snacks. Send me an email for current classroom count.

Birthday Parties / Holiday Parties

Please note it is against school and county policy to interrupt the learning environment to have a birthday party. Thus, I need to be notified at least 48 hours in advance to have a birthday party in the classroom to cover the lessons for the day and prepare for your arrival. Since my students are at a vulnerable age group, please make sure you bring enough for the entire classroom. If there is not enough for the entire classroom, I have the right to refuse the party. It is not my intent to send a student home crying because they did not get a cupcake or juice. Arrival time will be at 1:30 p.m. No exceptions. Do not send party favors with your child to school. I do not have anywhere to store food items. End time will be at 2:00 p.m. This is a critical time for me to ensure all students go home safely. Send me an email for current classroom count.

Christmas Party

We are not allowed by law to have a Christmas party. This can be seen as discriminatory to other religious beliefs.