Class Schedule 

This is our day to day class schedule! 


7:30-8:55     Math with Mrs. Painter

8:55-10:20   Reading with Ms. Bien

10:25-10:50  Recess

10:50-11:15   Lunch

11:20-12:00   Social Studies with Mrs. Bien

12:00-12:40   Science with Mrs. Painter

12:45-1:35      Specials

1:40-2:30       Academic Lab


  • Special Classes

Day 1-   STEM, Mrs. Schalk 

Day 2 - Art, Mrs. Link

Day 3 - Music, Mrs. Payne

Day 4 - PE, Coach Lance

  • Special classes rotate throughout the year.

When we come to day 5 we start over again with day 1.

**This is the school calendar, it has all the important dates you need to know about! 

**The link will take you right to it!!


Classroom Procedures 

Beginning of the Day:

  • I will greet you at the door and welcome you to come in.

  • When you enter the room enter quietly, unpack, and hang up your bag.

  • Take out your binder and any other materials you need for class.

  • Check your binder to see if anything needs to be given to me.

  • Set the items on my desk.

  • Make sure you have two sharpened pencils.

  • Begin working on the morning work.

  • Be prepared for class!

  • Centers – Centers are used during Math. Be sure to read and/or listen to directions before you begin. If you are confused ask a partner.

  • Bathroom – When we stop at the restroom, five students enter the restroom at a time. There should be no playing or talking. Use the soap and paper towels wisely and place all trash in the trash can. Go to restroom with the class, and you should not need to go later unless there is an emergency.  

  • Line Procedures -  There is no talking in line. We line up in number order when we leave the classroom. Keep both feet on maroon line. Do not touch the walls or anything hanging.

  • Library – Only four students may be in the library at a time. You must have a pass, you must be ready to turn in both books and have tested on both.   

  • Instructions- When I give instructions you must wait for me to finish. Listen carefully. I will answer any questions when i am finished.
  • Trash – When you need to throw away trash you may get up and place your trash in the trash can. Do not throw your trash this is not a basketball court.

  • Tissues – If you sneeze or need a tissue you may get up and get one. Be sure to  throw away your trash when you are done.

  • Testing – There is no talking, eyes are on your own paper, and you are working.  If you are talking or cheating you will be given a zero and will be written up.

  • Mailbox – At the end of every day make sure you check your mailbox and take home any papers.

  • Visitors – When a visitor enters the room be courteous and greet them if they are here to see you. If they are here to see the teacher read silently until the teacher is done.


  • Tables – Your tables should be kept clean and neat. Keep all markers, pencil sharpeners, and toys at home. These items should not be at school.

  • Signals for attention – Give me five: eyes on me, voices off, nothing in your hands, feet are still, and I have your full attention. I may also use class class, yes yes.

  • Dismissal

  • Jobs

  • Pick up

  • Pack up

  • Line up