Astrological Benefits of Wearing Citrine Gemstone



Citrine gemstone, a variety of Quartz mineral family, is quite a rare gemstone in its natural state which create this crystal very unique and loved. The term 'Citrine' is originated from the French word ‘Citron’ signifying ‘Lemon’. Citrine gemstone meaning in Hindi - Sunela Rashi Ratna is supposed to deliver great fortune and wealth in the life of the wearer. In the ancient era, this astrological gemstone was used to provide the wearer protection against the snake’s bite as well as different types of evil beliefs.


Who can Wear A Citrine Gemstone?


Citrine which is also known as Sunela Ratna in Hindi is a semi-precious gemstone belonging to the Quartz group of mineral. The stone is ruled by the planet Jupiter, Citrine gemstone also helps the native to gain higher knowledge, wisdom, great financial wealth, and professional success in life. According to Indian Vedic Astrology, Sunela Ratna or Citrine Gemstone is mainly prescribed for Dhanu (Sagittarius) and Meena (Pisces) zodiac signs. According to Indian Western astrology, the stone is recommended as a Citrine birthstone for the Sagittarius zodiac sign. However, a person with the Aries, Cancer, Leo, or Scorpio zodiac sign can also wear Citrine gemstones after being consulted by a gemologist.


To attain maximum stone benefits of a citrine gemstone, it is advised to wear a Citrine gemstone on the index finger of the working hand. However, for best astrological results the ring should be best worn in gold and silver metal on Thursday, in the morning between 5 - 7 AM during Shukla Paksha. The ideal carat weight of Sunela stone should be 1/10th of the total body weight of the wearer. For example, An individual who is having a weight of 60 kgs can wear a 6-carat Citrine gemstone. If you wear a bright golden and yellow Citrine gemstone then it is considered the most suitable hue for astrological purposes. An individual can also regard a natural Citrine gemstone or Natural Sunela Stone in a yellowish-orange hue without any unpleasant brownish tint.




Astrological Benefits of Wearing Citrine Stone


According to Indian Astrologers, Citrine gemstone cleans out the negativity from the mind of the gemstone wearer. The stone possesses the inherent spiritual features that induce positive power and reduce depression in the life of the native.


This yellow-colored leads to psychic gain with enhanced clarity and self-esteem.


The stone is also regarded as the ‘Success Stone. Sunela stone or Citrine Gemstone can bring success and prosperity to the life of the native and is a manifestation of wealth and good luck.


If you keep the Citrine stone in a wallet then this gemstone can control the spending and it infuses the overall quality of generosity to share the wealth and knowledge that it showers upon the gemstone wearer.


Citrine gemstone tends to promote prosperity and aids to lead a happily married life. This gemstone also blesses parenthood and it is largely used by pregnant women for their guard.


For professionals who are working in the fields of merchant banking, marketing, sports, fitness, casinos, and media. Sunela Gemstone's advantages are many and spill magic. This gemstone also enlightens the inner thought process while igniting the creativity of writers and artists as well.


Citrine Healing Properties and Health Benefits


Citrine gemstone or Sunela Stone is supposed to link with the Solar Plexus and Third Eye Chakra. This yellow-colored gemstone also activates these two chakras of the human body. This Natural Citrine gemstone also magnifies personal power and meaning and also raises the stamina of the gemstone owner.


Sunela stone aka Citrine Gemstone does not soak any opposing vibes but this gemstone squanders them away. In this way, this Novermber Birthstone stimulates positivity all around and prompts fresh longings. Sunela Ratna also purges out the adverse energies from our surroundings and also connections.


The Citrine crystal also benefits in healing ailments of the heart, liver, endocrine, fibromyalgia, sleep diseases, thyroid, urinary system, immunity, and kidney. This gemstone also detoxifies the body and enhances digestion.


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