Trophies First Grade

Theme 1: I Am Your Friend
The Hat
Sam and the Bag
Theme 2: Just For Fun
Jack and Rick
Todd’s Box
All That Corn
Theme 3: It’s My Turn Now
Dan’s Pet
Boots for Beth
Space Pup
Where Do Frogs Come From?
Try Your Best
Fun with Fish
Theme 4: I Think I Can!
I Am a Butterfly
Did You See Chip?
Tomás Rivera
On the Way to the Pond
Friends Forever
The Fox and the Stork
Theme 5: Hello, Neighbor
A Bed Full of Cats
Me on the Map
At Home Around the World
Tell Me a Story
My Robot
On the Job with Dr. Martha Smith
Little Bear’s Friend
Busy Buzzy Bee
Theme 6: Going Places
The Story of a Blue Bird
Frog and Toad All Year
Fishing Bears
How to Be a Nature Detective
The Puddle
Poppleton Everyday
Sleep is for Everyone