About Me

Hello! My name is Nicole Brinegar and I teach Kindgergarten at Alamos Elementary. I started my teaching career as a Math Interventionist for grades 2-5 in South Carolina. Shortly thereafter, I accepted a 4th grade position in the same district. At the end of the school year, we were relocated to Temecula. After obtaining my English Language Learner add-on, I accepted a poistion at Alamos Elementary as a Kindergarten/First Grade combination class teacher. This year, I am teaching Kindergarten!

I am married and have two children who attend Temecula schools. As a family, we LOVE to go camping, take RZR rides, and go to the river! 

Our school has adopted McGraw Hill Wonders for our Reading, Writing, and English Language Development curriculum and Pearson Envision for our Mathematics curriculum. 

I stumbled upon teaching and knew right away I was meant to be an educator. The learning, the vision, the school supplies, Oh My! Why do I do it? The smiles, the joy, the learning light bulbs, and at the end of each day, I know I am making a DIFFERENCE. Just see for yourself how much joy these kiddos bring into my life through their learning process!

Our Year