Professional Goals

Annual Goal

This year my goal was to intergrate/target one of the eight mathematical practices when developing and presenting lessons for math instruction to further develop students' critical thinking skills as measured by lesson plans, observations, evaulations, and PLC notes. I ensured that each math lesson integrated/targeted at least one mathematical practice throuought the year of mathematics instruction. 

While I saw growth in each of the California Standards for the Teaching Profession, my two strongest areas that showed the most growth were Creating and Maintaining Effective Learning Environments and Understanding and Organizing Subject Matter for Student Learning. I went from the exploring level to the integrating level over the course of the school year. I would still like to see more growth in standard six, Developing as a Professional Educator. I was honestly surprised how much I grew as an educator this year, but want to continue growing. I feel that I am becoming more well rounded and have learned so much this year.

Professional Goal

I would like to continue Developing as a Professional Educator and I am taking the steps to do so. I am currently enrolled in courses to help me meet this goal. I want to ensure that I am seeking out ideas, strategies, and understanding of students from beyond the walls of my classroom. I would like to continue with my collaboration efforts and include more perspectives. I will continue to take continuing education courses that faciliate meeting this goal. I can assess my progress through reflection on my teaching practices, collaborative discussions, and determine if I am actively using ideas and strategies suggested by others.

Connected Educator

In order to remain a connected educator, I will continue to collaborate with my collegues on a consistent basis. Additionally, I can and will join educator groups to enhance my professional development.

Sustain Energy

Day in and day out of the classroom can become overwhelming. Especially when student growth is slow. I think one of the best things I can do as a educator to sustain energy and continue to be passionate about my students' growth is to find joy in the small things. After all, little things do turn into big things! Click here for more ideas!

Administrator Quote

"Your instruction, particularly in math has been instrumental in developing crititcal thinkers and problem solvers at the foundational level. It is fun to watch our Kinders think at high levels as they collaboratively approach a difficult mathematical task." - Jenniffer Aynesworth

My Advice

Extend the patience and understanding you give your students to yourself and allow yourself time to grow.