Mr. Darrow's ESL Home

Welcome to Mr. Darrow's ESL class.

 You will find many things here to help you be all that you can be in school and beyond. There will be tips and skills useful for improving vocabulary, grammar, spelling, reading, and writing. There will sometimes be activities that you can do to practice these skills. This site has been created with my students in the school in mind, but should be useful for anyone learning English.

Use the menu to navigate to a page with the skill you want to work on. Each page is dedicated to tips, strategies, and activities for one of the following areas of English:




Reading Comprehension

Reading Fluency

Writing Skills

Building Confidence


I hope you find this site to be useful. Try to have a little fun while you learn, and remember: it's not about perfection, it's about confidence.


This is currently a work in progress, so please be patient.