Rules of Conduct



Respect others, materials, and the classroom learning experience.

  1. Bring assignments, textbooks, and supplies to class.
  2. Be in the door when the bell rings.                      
  3. Follow the directions on all assignments. Be thorough, neat, and accurate. No typed work.
  4. Leave the room clean and neat when you depart. When you are seated quietly the teacher will dismiss you.         
  5. No bandanas, doo rags, cell phones or other electronic devices or inappropriate objects.
  6. Do not interrupt your fellow classmates if responding to and/or answering a question.  Listen when the teacher is talking, and wait for the appropriate time to respond by raising your hand.  Calling out without a signal is rude and disruptive.
  7. No eating, drinking, or snapping gum or candy in class.

Be aware of the consequences for your actions, and accept responsibility for your actions or lack of action.