Homework and Grading


Tests/Quizzes/Papers/Projects: 45%

Participation (including bell ringers, class work, preparedness, on  time): 30%

Homework 25%


Quiz: At the end of every topic  (about every two weeks)

Unit Test: At the end of every marking period (about every six weeks)

Project/Guided Internet Activity: Once per unit


If you miss a homework assignment because of a legal absence (subject to verification), you may turn in the assignment one class day late without penalty.  After that, late homework assignments will not be accepted, and will entered into the grade book at a zero.  

Current grades are posted regularly through https://mitnick.scsd.us/homeaccess/  for student and parent viewing. Thus, students are able to inform you of their current status throughout the school year and you can view current grades through the internet.  Progress notices will be posted on the published dates.  Please monitor these postings and if you have concerns about anything, e-mail me, write me a note or call me at 435-4499.