Professional Information

All district teachers are expected to:

1. Maintain a climate of mutual respect and dignity, which will strengthen students‘ self-concept and promote confidence to learn.

2. Teachers will be prepared to teach a rigorous curriculum, with clear expectations resulting in outstanding academic performance.

3. Demonstrate interest in teaching and concern for student achievement.

4. Know school policies and rules, and enforce them in a fair and consistent manner.

5. Communicate to students and parents:

a. Course objectives and requirements

b. Marking/grading procedures

c. Assignment deadlines

d. Expectations for students

e. Classroom discipline plan

f. Homework policy

g. Attendance policy

6. Communicate regularly with students, parents and other teachers concerning growth and achievement.

7. Support the district's Code of Conduct and model district's dress code.

8. Model professionalism and ethical behavior at all times.