What Are We Doing This Month?


 September is all about leaping into preschool!  This month is a very important month as it is our first month of preschool! Some our "preschool happenings" will be…

·        Getting to know one another! We will begin the year learning all about one another and what makes us so special.

·        Learning the classroom rules and routines! This is crucial as the students begin to understand how a preschooler should behave! We will learn things such as how to share and play nicely with our friends, how to use kind words to each other, how to control our emotions, how to sit nicely, and how to have fun while learning!

·        Diving into our alphabet, numbers, colors, and shapes!

·        Beginning our “Letter of the Week” Units. Through instructional activities, books, poems, songs, games, and crafts, we will learn the shapes of the letter (both uppercase and lowercase) and the sound(s) of the letter. This will help us with our letter recognition, sound recognition, and handwriting skills!

·        Focusing on our fine motor skills! We will strengthen our finger muscles for writing through various activities; including play dough, shaving cream, ripping and tearing paper, manipulating puzzles, using lacing boards, etc.

·        Exploring September’s theme of “Our Great Land.” Our instruction will center around the song “This Land is your Land” as we learn about our great country and focus on New York, California, and many tall tales and legends that relate to special places in our land!

·        Having a blast while learning!