Alphabet Instruction

What Letters Will We Be Focusing on This Month?

This month we will learn about…    

    Learning the "ins and outs" of our alphabet is at the core of our preschool curriculum. To aide students in learning their letters, we will be engaging in many authentic and meaningful experiences through our “Letter of the Week” curriculum. For each letter our class will follow the same general routine. The predictability of our instruction will give children the comfort in knowing what and how they will be learning. This knowledge will help them become more confident learners; thus, increasing their motivation to learn! The following is a general schedule for our “Letter of the Week:”


-Chanting the letter and its sound

-Mystery Letter Box (practicing the sound of the letter)

-Skywriting our letter (learning the shape of our letter)

- Mini-movement activity

-Reading a story about our letter

-Alphabet Coloring page


- Reviewing our letter shape and sound

- Making a list of words starting with our letter

-Rainbow Writing


- Handwriting the uppercase and lowercase letters

-Tactile Letter

-Letter Project


- Letter Puppet

- Handwriting the letter

-Finding the letter in various words

- Letter poem and activity


-Review and Assessment

-Letter Game

 * Additional Letter Activities:

- Writing our letters in shaving cream, sand, rice, etc.

-Forming our letters using play dough, pipe cleaners, and popsicle sticks

- Playing letter games- Letter Bingo, Disappearing Letters, Letter Hunts, Flashlight Letters, Guess my Letter

- Engaging in letter marches (placing tape on the floor in the shape of the letter and having kids march on the letter)

- Matching uppercase and lowercase letters

- Eating food that begins with our “Letter of the Week”

- Singing songs focusing on our letter-

 Cutting out our circling letters out of magazines/newspapers

- Engaging in interactive alphabet computer games