Importance of Journal Writing

Why Use Journals in Preschool?

         This year the children will be introduced to journal writing! Journal writing is a great tool for beginning literacy

and serves many purposes. First, journals give students a sense of ownership of his/her work! This sense of

ownership and choice in writing is a big motivator and allows writing to become more meaningful and joyful for the

students! Additionally, journal writing allows students to understand that print communicates a  message, drawing

and writing differ, letters are used to form words, there are certain conventions in print, and writing is purposeful

and has an audience. Furthermore, the students can begin to understand that writing consists of  understanding the

connection between sound and symbol correspondence and writing flows from left to write and top to bottom.     

      Importantly, preschool children are at the very beginning of the writing process. As a result, their ‘writing’ will

consist of role play writing- pictures along with scribbles and invented symbols- here they are assigning a message

to their symbols. The teacher then acts as a scribe for the student and has the children help sound out letters and

words. This modeling will show the students the many purposes and procedures of writing. As the year progresses

and journal writing is constantly modeled, children will enter the next phase and begin to connect their drawings with

random letters. In later phases, typically seen in kindergarten, students begin using invented spelling and basic

sentence structures.          Just like children learn to walk by taking their fist stumbling steps, reading and writing is

the same way- the students need practice, practice, practice. I can’t wait to be part of such an exciting phase in

your child’s life!