Your Personnel File

Handout #3How to inspect you personnel file  1.     Check your negotiated agreement and/or USD Board Policy for procedures to view your negotiated agreement. 2.     Make an appointment with the proper person to view your personnel file. 3.     Take a notepad and pen with you. 4.     Number each item in the file in the upper right hand corner with a pen. 5.     List each item by number on your paper, noting the date and a brief description of the item. 6.     When you have completed the list of the contents, make a note at the bottom of your paper indicating that this is a complete listing of your file as of the date you viewed the file. 7.     Have any witnesses sign and date the list. 8.     You may make copies of anything in your personnel file at your own expense. 9.     You may respond to any material in your file. 10. You can have other information such as letters from parents, awards,   honors, etc., placed in your file.  Remember to retain the originals for your own file. 11.   Be sure to thank the custodian of the record for his/her assistance. 

12.   Be sure to check your negotiated agreement which may contain a clause allowing you to request that old, dated material be removed from your personnel file.