Tips for designing Social Media Graphics

Social media is one of the most powerful and rewarding tools for non-profit organizations of any size. When used well, social media is a great way to empathize with your audience and generate brand awareness. With an overload of social media posts from large organizations with generous social media budgets, it can be difficult to make your message stand out.Visual content needs to have a clear purpose and a message that is coherent in graphic form so your audience can digest the information and know what to do next. Cup Cake Cafe Menu Design


Here are Some design tips that might come in handy to create masterly graphics for social media.


1. Use High-Quality Photography
The images you use on social media are a reflection of your brand, so invest in quality images. A good stock image not only grabs you consumers’ attention, but it can also boost your brand’s credibility and professionalism.


2. Be Creative
Whether you’re an experienced designer or not, everyone can be creative when creating social media graphics. Incorporating storytelling techniques is a great way to do this. Think about who the main character is, what the problem or challenge is that they are facing and how they are solving it. Then tell that story visually.


3. Color
Color is also vital for creating contrast and balance within your social media graphic. Be aware of how certain hues or pairings influence someone’s perception. Steering clear of color combinations that are uncomfortable to see will help your brand in the long run. When colors don’t contrast enough they appear to bleed into one another or when contrast too much they can cause a visual vibration. Yummy Bakery Menu Design


Words are powerful and some good graphic design tips to keep in mind is that too many words on an image can appear busy to your potential audience. Whether you are creating a graphic for Instagram or Facebook, try to limit your text to one to two liners. The point of social media graphics is to deliver your message as simply as you can. One of the most overlooked good graphic design tips is to make sure your text is easy to read.


5. Visual Hierarchy
Ordering the information within your graphic based on the importance will help your audience digest the content quickly and easily. Using visual hierarchy, you can instantly get your key messages out to your audience by drawing their attention to the most important part of the graphic.
Manipulate font, color and alignment to direct the attention of your audience to the most important elements of the graphic. Generally, the bigger the element, the more importance you are placing on that element.


An effective use of typography is one of the most important design principles to consider when creating graphics.


7.Brand Your Graphics
The goal of creating highly shareable social media graphics is to drive people back to your website. By adding your logo or company URL to your social media images, it helps users find you if they want more information.

These tips can help you to create better, more engaging visual elements for your content. As a designer, you should take into account marketing goals and your company’s tone when creating any visuals for social media.