Nehemiah Center Tutoring 

Welcome to Tutoring!

We are delighted to begin the FBC Wednesday night tutoring for our students for the 2018-19 school year. This page is designed to be a resource for you as you so generously give your time and caring spirit to these students.

Hopefully, this page will meet a need for structure and goals for the upcoming school year. Not only will you help students with homework when needed, but grade-level educational goals in the areas of language arts and mathematics will be highlighted. The Alabama Course of Study contains the specific standards needed by each child and will be supplemented by suggested activities and experiences in an effort to meet those goals. These suggestions are by no means mandatory teaching methods, but rather, more tools to make your job easier.


What will be included on this website?

  • The foundation of this website is the Alabama Course of Study and Curriculum Guide in the area of language arts and mathematics for each grade level. This can be found here for mathematics and language arts. You can scroll down the documents in the COS  for the grade level of your particular student. It would be to your advantage to prepare early before the first night.

The purpose of the COS is to set benchmarks for what the student should be able to know and do at the end of the school year. The teaching methods, strategies, and experiences are flexible and can be designed entirely by the tutor. This website can be used to help you on this task with linked resources.



  • Fry's 1000 Words is a nationally recognized list of 100 sight words, per grade , that students should be able to read and understand by the end of the school year. Each set of word lists are words that appear in at least 50%-75% of all reading material. The link to Fry's 1000 Words will direct you to a page that includes 100 word lists for each grade level up to grade 7. Evaluations are included on this webpage and will be included in your child's folder, along with a set of flash cards you may cut out and use throughout the year as warm-up or after your student finishes his or her homework. You may also use ithe evaluations as a diagnostic tool at the beginning of the year to see where your student falls in competency and at the end of the year to check for learning gains. Evaluations shold be limited, however, to maybe 2 or 3 times during the semester so that other goals are given equal time.


  • Printables for each grade. Once you determine which learning objective is needed by the student or that can be used as enrichment, you can find hundreds of worksheets and activities for your tutoring session.


Resources page (coming soon!)

There will be resources available as a page on this website and within each grade level Goals and Objectives.


All Set?


All that's left is your imagination and your plans! The Nehemiah Center is deeply grateful for your commitment to the children of this city. There may be no greater calling than to open young minds to the world and, most importantly, the love of Jesus Christ.