What are the main features of spectrum email?

Using Spectrum Email, you can stream videos, play online games, download music, and upload photos without sacrificing performance because of the Features of spectrum email. And all this is possible because of Spectrum Internet. Here are some features of the spectrum Internet. 

Spectrum Email

You can create a Spectrum email account and create up to seven email addresses for absolutely no additional charge.

Security Suite

Security protects against malicious software like spyware, worms, Trojans, rootkits, etc.

Out-of-Home Wi-Fi

Spectrum Internet customers can easily access a high-speed wireless network away from home. Unlimited access is included for fifteen devices on one account. 

Speed Test

The Speed Test will assess your internet connection and measure your network’s uploading and downloading speeds.

Features of Spectrum Email:

Make sure that you read further to know what you can do with your Spectrum email inbox:


  • You can create, read and manage your email.

  • You can search and Advanced Search by keyword.

  • You can also compose email messages.

  • Additional Actions like a reply, reply all, forward, move, and delete are included. 


  • You can create, edit and manage your contacts.

  • You can add a contact

  • You can create a group to manage your contacts.

  • You can sort contacts by first or last name.

  • You can also import and Export Contacts: 


You can open the Spectrum main menu and take help to manage your account and get support. 

My Folders

You can easily create folders and organize your emails much better. 


Spectrum holds emails identified as spam and then automatically deletes them permanently after fourteen days.

How to set up Spectrum email server settings?

Setting up spectrum email server settings is easy if you pay attention to it. And if you wish to change the email server settings when Spectrum email not working, it can also be done pretty quickly. Here’s how you can do that. 

  • Open Outlook and then select File. 

  • Then you will have to use the dropdown under Account Information which will help you select the account you wish to change.

  • Then click on Account Settings and choose the type of information you want to change.

  • There you’ll find the option of Server Settings. So click on that and change the server settings accordingly.

How to set up spectrum email on an iPhone?

Set up spectrum email on your iPhone, follow the steps and make sending and receiving emails easy. 

  • Go to the iPhone settings option and scroll down to the tab “Mail and Contacts.” 

  • Then click on “Add Account.” 

  • Then choose “Add Mail Account” and enter. 

  • Then enter your name and email address.

  • Lastly, enter your correct password and click on the Next Button. 

  • Then choose IMAP settings. This is how easy it is to add spectrum email to an iPhone.

Troubleshooting Spectrum Email not Working

Some standard email issues can easily be solved by checking and correcting the email settings. If you wish to set up your Spectrum email on your mobile device, you must use the correct settings. The username should be your full Spectrum email address, and the password should be your Spectrum email password. Then verify your internet connection and also make sure and confirm if your password is working to answer How to recover spectrum email. Also, confirm if you don’t have a security conflict caused by any firewall or anti-virus software.