Mrs. Vario's Grade 2 Class


Welcome to our class website. Here you will find homework assignments, dates of special events and class news. I will be updating it regularly so please check back often. Homework information will be recorded in the agenda. Please read and sign daily. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me.

Important Information!

 Library book exchange and Makerspace = Day 4 

Thanksgiving- Oct 8

Picture day- Oct 10

P.A Day- Oct 22





Home READING LOGS: Students are expected to read each day for at least 20 minutes and write a comment in their Reading Logs. The Reading Logs are due each Monday so I can review, and then returned again at the end of the day.

HOME JOURNALS: Students will be completing a home journal entry most Fridays.  Kindly return it the following Monday along with a letter written back to you child.

WORD WORK: We will be completing word work homework each week (unless it is a short week). It will be handed out on Monday morning and is due by Friday that week. Students can hand it in early if they finish before Friday.

UNFINISHED WORK: On occasion, any unfinished work for that day may be sent home. Students are given ample time to finish their work during class time. If they are not using their time wisely, they may be asked to stay in for recess to complete it or it may be sent home to complete and return the following day.




Students in our class:

Lukas   Alex    Daniel    Ethan    Max    Madilyn    Emily    Nikita    Keaton    Hayden    Bryce    Lilah    Lachlan    Grayson    Ryan    Neve   Alexxis   Hardik   Audrey  Athiesan Elison



Learning Focus:

Literacy: Literacy Centers, Guided Reading, Read alouds, narrative writing, Reading Comprehension, Printing, Journals, Silent reading, Reading Logs, 

Math: Tally's, picture graphs, bar graphs, surveys 

Science: Animals unit

Social Studies: Families Unit