"No matter what people tell you, words and ideas can change the world." Robin Williams


My name is Nerisha Bernard. I teach 6th Grade Resource, English Language Arts and Study Skills.

I teach because I've always loved working with children. I've always believed in the Whitney Houston song, "I believe the children are our future," ever since I sang it myself when I was in the 6th grade! My philosophy of teaching is that the most important thing is the relationship with students, and trying to spark an interest in the students, so that they can have something to be passionate about as well. Ultimately, I want to see growth, as many of my students are below grade level. I'd like to be able to see progress, and I want them to feel a sense of accomplishment because of their progress, without comparing themselves to other kids. I think each student is a unique individual that should be nurtured as much as possible. I believe education should be more fun. Ideally, students want to be not only at school, but also in class and engaged!