Language Arts: Unit 1

Week 1 Story: The Twin Club

Spelling words: rock, list, desk, job, sad, chop, sack, tag, rib, mess, dust, drum

Reading Focus Skill: Character and Setting, Monitor and Clarify

High Frequency Words: beautiful, country, friend, someone, front, somewhere

Selection Vocabulary  and definitions:

cousins - sons or daughters of your uncles and aunts

promise - to give your word that you will do something

parents - father and mother

meadow - piece of grassy land

Language skill - alphabetize, sentences


Week 2 Story : Exploring Space

Spelling words: page, nose, space, size, fine, mice, late, huge, blaze, race, rice, vote

Reading Focus Skill: Main Ideas and Details, text structure

High Frequency Words: everywhere, live, machines, move, woman, work, world

Selection Vocabulary and definitions:

astronaut - a person who goes into space

shuttle - vehicle that carries astronauts into space

experiment - test to find out something

telescope - an instrument that makes things far away appear to be close

gravity - the natural force that makes everyting on Earth move toward it

Language skill - word choice, subjects of sentences


Week 3 Story: Henry and Mudge

Spelling words: stop, strap, nest, hand, brave, ask, clip, stream, mask, twin, breeze, state

Reading Focus skill: Character and Setting, story structure

High Frequency words: bear, couldn't, father, love, mother, straight, build

Selection Vocabulary and definitions:

shivered - shook with fear

drooled - let saliva run from the mouth

 lanterns - lights inside containers that can be carried

snuggled - cuddled together

Language Skill - word choice, predicates in sentences


Week 4 Story: A Walk in the Desert

Spelling words: dropped, dropping, excited, exciting, lifted, lifting, hugged, hugging, smiled, smiling, talked, talking

Readin Focu Skill: Mian Idea nand Details, important ideas

High Frequency words: animals, early, eyes, full, warm, water

Selection Vocabulary and definitions:

desert  - a part of land that is sandy and without much water

harsh - very rough

climate - the kinds of weather a place has

cactus - a plant with spines instead of leaves that grows in hot, dry places

coyote - a small animal like a wolf

Language skill: conventions, statements and questions


Week 5 Story: The Strongest One

Spelling words: that, wish, patch, when, what, math, them, shape, whale, itch, chase, bunch

Reading Focus Skill: Facts and Details, Predict, Set purpose

High Frequency words: gone, learn, often, pieces, though, together, very

Selection Vocabulary and definitions:

narrator - a person who tells a story

relatives - people in the same family

dangerous - not safe

gnaws - bites at and wears away

Language Skill: sentences; commands and exclamations