Language Arts: Unit 2

Week 1 Story: Tara and Tiree

Spelling words: hard, before, farm, chore, born, more, porch, score, horse, smart, corn, part

Reading Focus Skill: Cause and Effect, Summarize

HIgh Frequency Words: break, listen, family, once, heard, pull

Selection Vocabulary and definitions:

collar - a band that a dog wears around its neck

slipped - slid without meaning to 

brave - showing no fear of dangerous things

Language Skill: Unfamiliar Words, Nouns


Week 2 Story: Abraham Lincoln

Spelling words: can't , it's, he's, I'm, didn't, who's, she's, aren't, isn't, haven't, hadn't, I'll

Reading Focus Skill: Author's Purpose

High Frequency Words: certainly, either, great, laugh, second, worst, you're

Selection Vocabulary and definitions:

noticed - looked at; saw

honest - telling the truth; not lying

lawyer - someone who has studied law and helps people with laws and in court

fault - a cause for blame

Language Skill: Dictionary, Glossary, Guide words, Nouns


Week 3 Story: Scarcity

Spelling words: person, turn, curb, purse, nurse, birth, curl, turtle, dirt, serve, skirt, her

Reading Focus Skill: Facts and Details, Background Knowledge

Selection vocabulary and defintions:

hurricanes - dangerous storms with very strong winds and rain

resources - things that meet needs

 scarcity - when there isn't enough of something for everyone

scarce - hard to get; rare

trade off - a giving up of one thing in return for another

Language Skill: Time and Order words, Sequence words,


Week 4 Story: The Bremen Town Musicians

Spelling words: lunch, lunches, story, stories, tune, tunes, switch, switches, baby, babies, note, notes

Reading Focus Skill: Cause and Effect, Story Structure

High Frequency Words: bought, people, pleasant, probably, scared, shall, sign

mill - a building where grain is crushed into flour

musician - someone who plays music

excitement - a feeling of being very happy

robbers - people who steal

monsters - scary creatures

Language Skill - Homophones, Plural Nouns


Week 5 Story: One Good Turn Deserves Another

Spelling words: main, wait, say, away, play, raise, brain, paint, stay, today, tray, tail

Reading Focus Skill: Compare and Contrast, Inferring

High Frequency Words: behind, brought, door, everybody, minute, promise, sorry

Selection Vocabulary and definitions:

groaned - sound made down in the throat that shows sadness

 creature - any living person or animal

armadillo - a small animal with a hard shell

snorted - forced the breath through the nose with a loud, harsh sound

 grateful - feeling thankful because someone has done something for you

Language Skill: Unfamiliar Words, Possesive Nouns