Language Arts: Unit 3

Week 1 Story: Pearl and Wagner

Spelling words: read, deep, wheel, sleep, feet, seat, leave, teeth, easy, party, windy, learn

Reading Focus Skill: Author's Purpose, Questioning

High Frequency Words: guess, pretty, science, shoe, village, watch, won

Selection Vocabulary and definitions:

robot - a machine with moving parts, that is controlled by a computer

wad  - a round lump

trash = something of little use; things to be thrown away

electricity - energy that makes light, heat, motion, or force

Language Skill - Antonyms, Verbs


Week 2 Story : Dear Juno

Spelling words: goat, most, toast, told, hold, bowl, ago, toad, show, float, open, slow

Reading Focus Skill: Draw Conclusions, Visualize

High Frequency Words: answer, company, faraway, parents, pciture, school, wash,

Selection Vocabulary and definitions:

persimmons - yellow and orange-colored sweet fruits that are like plums

smudged - smeared or marked with dirty streaks

envelope - a paper sleeve that is used to hold a letter

photograph - a picture taken with a camera

Language Skill: Prefixes, Verbs


Week 3 Story: Anansi Goes Fishing

Spelling words: basketball, weekend, birthday, bathtub, driveway, raindrop, someone, something, riverbank, backyard, bedtime, mailbox

Reading Focus Skill: Compare and Contrast, Summarize

High Frequency Words: been, believe, caught, finally, today, tomorrow, whatever

Selection Vocabulary and definitions: 

lazy - not liking to work or be active

weave - to form threads into cloth, a net, or web

delicious - something that tastes really good

justice - something that is fair and right 

Language Skill: Antonyms, Verbs


Week 4 Story: Rosa and Blanca

Spelling words: find, bright, right, cry, child, wild, flight, blind, sky, fly, spider, myself

Reading Focus Skill: Sequence, Predict, and Set Purpose

High Frequency Words: alone, buy, daughters, half, many, their, youngest

Selection Vocabulary and definitions:

tortillas - thin, round, pieces of bread that are served hot

luckiest - having more luck and good fortune than anyone else

chiles - hot peppers that are used as seasoning

Language Skill: Verbs


Week 5 Story: A Weed is a Flower

Spelling words: sooner, soonest, hotter, hottest, busier, busiest, happier, happiest, smaller, smallest, fatter, fattest, 

Reading Focus Skill: Fact and Opinion, Inferring

High Frequency Words: clothes,  neighbor, taught, hours, only, money, question

Selection vocabulary and definitions:

college - a school of learning to attend after high school

 agriculture - the science or practice of farming

 laboratory - a place where tests and experimients are done

greenhouse - a building with glass or plastic sides where plants are grown

Language Skill: Synoyms, Verbs