Language Arts: Unit 4

Week One: A Froggy Fable

Spelling Words:  ankle, cable, bugle, giggle, title, purple, bundle, sparkle, apple, able, bubble, tickle

Reading Focus Skill: Draw Conclusions, Background Knowledge

High Frequency Words: warm, ago, father, family, mother

Selection Vocabulary: clearing, crashed, perfect, pond, spilling, splashing

Vocabulary Definitions:

clearing - piece of land that has no trees

crashed - fell with a loud smashing noise

perfect - as good as is possible

pond - water with land all aorund it; a small lake

spilling - scattering everywhere

splashing - making water scatter and fall in drops

Language Skill: multiple meaning words, adjectives


Week Two: Life Cycle of a Pumpkin

Spelling words: cook, wood, push, book, stood, July, pull, hood, full, shook, brook, put

Reading Focus Skill: Sequence, Important Ideas

High Frequency Words: world, woman, machines, work, live, everywhere

Selection Vocabulary: bumpy, fruit, harvest, root, smooth, soil, vine

Vocabulary Definitions:

bumpy - covered with high spots or lumps

fruit - part of a plant that contains seeds

harvest - season when crops are gathered

root - part of a plant that takes in water and holds the plant in place

smooth - flat or even

soil - top layer of Earth's surface

vine - thin stem of some plants that creep along the ground or climb

Language Skill: Antonymns, adjectives



Week Three: Soil

Spelling words: around, sound, topy, moist, out, flower, noise, coil, gown, howl, royal, cow

Reading focus skill: Fact and Opinion, Questioning

High Frequency Words: build, straight, couldn't, father, love, mother, bear

Selection Vocabulary: grains, materials, particles, seeps, substances, texture

Vocabulary Definitions:

grains - tiny bits of sand, sugar, or salt

matherials - what things are made from or used for

particles - very little pieces of something

seeps - flows very slowly through something

subtnaces - materials that something is made of

texture - the feel that things have because of the way they are made

Language Skill: suffixes, comparative and superlative adjectives


Week Four: The Night the Moon Fell

Spellling: downstairs, houseboat, boyhood, roadway, football, railroad, oatmeal, outplay, cowboy, rainbow, soybean, daydream

Reading Focus Skill: Plot and Theme, Visualize

High Frequency Words: friend, move, love, pretty, school

Selection Vocabulary:  balance, canyons, coral, rattle, livers, sway, whisper

Vocabulary Definitions:

balance - footing; even placement of weight that lets someone stand upright

canyons - deep valleys with steep sides

coral - an underwater stony substance made by marine life

rattle - make sharp knocking sounds as a result of being shaken

slivers - small, thin pieces of something that has been split off

sway - move back and forth or side to side

whisper - make a soft sound

Language Skill: multiple meaning words, adverbs


Week Five: The First Tortilla

Spelling Words: too, blue, suit, juice, new, true, spoon, drew, fruit, fool, clue, flew

Reading Focus Skill: Plot and Theme, Monitor and Clarify

High Fequency Words: enough, took around, many, though

Selection Vocabulary: awaken, cliffs, mountain, prize, rainbow, suffer, volcano

awaken - cause to stop sleeping

cliffs - steep rock faces, like those at the edge of the sea

mountain - a high, steep hill that is often rocky

prize - something given to someone as a reward

rainbow - a display of many colors

 suffer - to experience something bad or unpleasant

volacano - a cone-shaped mountain with a hole in the top that sends out melted rock and gases

Language Skill: prefixes and adverbs