Language Arts: Unit 5

Week One: Fire Fighter

Spelling words: cheerful, weekly, hardly, quickly, visitor, teacher, graceful, fighter, slowly, helper, yearly, sailor

Reading Focus Skill: Fact and Opinion, Important Ideas

High Frequency Words: break, family, heard, listen, once, pull

Selection Vocabulary: building, burning, masks, quickly, roar, station, tightly

Vocabulary definitions: 

station - a building where a service takes place

building - a place with walls and a roof

roar - a loud, deep noise

masks - coverings for the face

quickly - in a fast way

tightly - fitting in a close way

burning - on fire

Language Skill: suffix -ly


Week Two: Carl the Complainer

Spelling words: unsafe, disappear, rewind, regriup, preheat, unlock, unpack, preschool, rerun, discolor, unplug, disagree

Reading Focus Skill: Cause and Effect, Visualize

High Frequency Words: people, together, nothing, enough, become, stories, goodbye

Selection Vocabulary: annoy, complain, mumbles, P.M., shrugs, signature

Vocabulary definitions:

annoy - to make someone angry

complain - to say that something is not good enough

 mumbles - speaks unclearly

 P.M. - the time between noon and midnight

shrugs - raises one's shoulders as an expression of doubt

signature - a person's name written by that person

Langauge Skill: dictionary skills, singular and plural nouns


Week Three: Bad Dog, Dodger

Spelling words: knock, wrong, wrap, lamb, sign, write, wren, comb, knee, climb, gnat, knob

Reading Focus Skill: Plot and Theme, Background Knowledge

High Frequency Words: whole, enough, above, work, toward, 

Selection Vocabulary: chased, chewing, ddripping, grabbed, practice, treat, wagged

Vocabulary definitions:

practice - to repeat an action in order to improve

grabbed - took hold of somethin suddenly

chewing - grinding something between your teeth

chased - ran after someone

treat - a special gift, often food

wagged - moved from side to side

dripping - a liquid falling slowly, drop by drop

Language Skill: Classify categories, Using I and me


Week Four: Horace and Morris but Mostly Dolores

Spelling words: phone, laugh, graph, rough, enough, ticket, tough, cough, backtrack, duckling, photo, clang

Reading Focus Skill: Character and Setting, Story Structure

High Frequency words: shall, people, pleasant, probably, sign, bought, scared

Selection Vocabulary: adventure, climbed, clubhouse, exploring, greatest, truest, wondered

Vocabulary definitions:

adventure - an exciting experience

climbed - went upward

 greatest - the best or most wonderful

truest - the most real or loyal

clubhouse - a house or structure where a group meets

exploring - going someplace to discover what it is like

wondered - wanted to know more

Language Skill: compound words


Week Five: The Signmaker's Assistant

Spelling words: talk, cuaght, chalk, thaw, because, draw, auto, fault, August, walk, taught, launch

Reading Focus Skill: Main Ideas and details, Inferring

High Frequency Words: behind, brought, door, everybody, minute, promise, sorry

Selection Vocabulary: idea, important, blame, signmaker, townspeople, afternoon

Vocabulary definitions:

idea - a thought or an opinoin

important -having great meaning

blame - to say someting is someone's fault

signmaker - someone who makes signs or public notices that give information

townspeople -  people who live in a town

afternoon  - the time of day between noon and night

Language Skill: suffixes