Language Arts: Unit 6

Week One: Just Like Josh Gibson

Spelling words: tried, planning, skipped, heaviest, trying, liked, skipping, lighter, planned, liking, heavier, lightest

Focus skill: Compare and Contrast, monitor and clarify

High Fequency words: shoe, watch, guess, science, village, pretty


field - a piece of land used for some special purpose

cheers - happy or encouraging shouts

threw - sent something through the air by the force of your arm

sailed - moved smoothly like a ship with sails

plate - a hard rubber slab that a baseball player stands beside to bat

bases - places that are stations or goals in certain games, such as baseball

Language skill: homophones, using capital letters


Week Two: Red, White, and Blue; The Story of the American Flag

Spelling words: Mr., Jan., Dr., Oct., Mrs., Nov., St., Aug., Rd., Dec., Feb., Ms.

Focus skill: Author's purpose, summarize

High Frequency Words: picture, school, answer, faraway, parents, wash, company


freedom - the condition of not being under someone else's control

flag - a piece of cloth, usually with square corners, with a picture or pattern that stands for a place or a country

stripes - long, narrow bands of color

stars - shapes that have five or more points

nicknames - names used instead of real names

birthday - the day someone was born or something began, usually celebrated every year

America - the United States of America

Language Skill: multiple-meaninig words, quotation marks


Week 3 Story: A Birthday Basket for Tia

Spelling words: mixture, future, caution, motion, nation, picture, station,

nature, section, action, fixture, feature

Reading focus skill: Draw conclusions, questioning

High Frequency skill: finally, whatever, caught, believe, been, tomorrow

Selection vocabulary: aunt, bank, basket, collects, favorite,  present


present – a gift; something given

aunt – your father’s sister, your mother’s sister, or your uncle’s wife

basket – a container made of twigs, grass, or strips of wood woven together

collects – brings things together or gathers them together

bank – a place where people keep their money

favorite – the thing liked better than others

Language Skill: Words from other language, prepositions, and prepositional



Week Four: Cowboys

Spelling words: kindness, useless, sadness, thankless, careless, fearless, sickness, fitness, goodness, darkness, helpless, weakness

Focus skill: Sequence, Text structure

High Fequency words: buy, alone, half, their, many, youngest


cattle - cows, bulls, and steers that are raised for their milk, meat, or skins

trails - overland paths

cowboy - a man who works on a cattle ranch or in rodeos

herd - a group of the same kind of animals that are kept or fed together

campfire - an outdoor fire used for cooking or warmth

railraod - a road or track of two steel rails on which trains run

galloped - ran fast (referring to a horse)

Language Skill: Unfamiliar words, commas


Week Five: Grace for President

Spelling words: midair, midway, midweek, mismatch, misplace, misprint, misbehave, misdeed, mislead, midday, midyear, mistake

Focus skill -  Facts and Details, predict, and set purposes

High Frequency words: hours, only, clothes, neighbor, question, taught, money


assembly - a group of people gathered for some purpose

election - the act of choosing by vote

microphone - an electrical device that makes sounds such as voices louder

rallies - meetings of large crowds in support of something

slogan - a word or phrase used by a person or group that states its purpose; a motto

speeches - public talks

Language skill: multiple meaning words, commas in compound sentences