A new way to watch Netflix with your friends

Netflix Party is a new online service that allows you to watch Netflix with your friends. Netflix Party adds group chat to your favourite Netflix shows and synchronises video playback.

Join the over 500,000 people who are already using Netflix Party to connect with friends and arrange long-distance movie nights and TV watch parties.

How it works is as follows:

Step 1: Download and install Netflix Party.

To install Netflix Party, go to this website and click the "Install Netflix Party" option. To finish installing Netflix Party, navigate to the Chrome Web Store and select "Add to Chrome."

Step 2: Go to Netflix and find a video to watch.

Visit the Netflix website. Choose any show you want to watch and press the play button.

Step 3: Plan your get-together.

Click the red "NP" button next to the address bar to start creating your party. Then, to get the party started, click "Start Party" and share the party URL with your friends.

Step 4: Join in a Netflix Party

To join a party, go to Netflix's website and click on the party's URL. Then, next to the address bar, click the "NP" button to immediately join the party.

Right now on Netflix.com: To watch thousands of amazing Netflix shows with friends, create Netflix parties in seconds straight on the Netflix.com website.

Sync Netflix episodes in HD: When you're viewing Netflix shows together, make sure you're always in sync. In all of your Netflix parties, enjoy HD video quality and fast buffering.

Make your Netflix party unique: Choose a creative user icon and moniker to personalise your Netflix party. Add screenshots, emoticons, and GIFs to add to the fun!

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