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Welcome to Senior English!Laughing

I am VERY excited about this year’s English classes.  I guarantee that if you work hard, you will be prepared for college.  It’s hard work, but it’s worth it to be able to enter college prepared for the rigor of college reading and writing.

Students this year can access their textbooks online at  This website offers self-check quizzes, homework help, audio of each poem/story/play (which you can download onto your MP3 player/iPod) and the full text of every page of the book.

The subject matter is British literature and it can be pretty tricky, so don’t fall behind in your assignments.  If you come to class prepared and keep up with your reading and other assignments, you’ll do well.  If you don't study, if you choose to copy homework from your friends, or if you just plain don't do your homework, you won't do well.