AP Lab 11

Completing the Research Notebook for AP Biology Lab #11.....Animal Behavior

Resource: Lab Eleven, Animal Behavior

Page 125 in the AP Biology Lab Manual


Part 1: Title

Develop a title in the form of a question after completing the pre-lab.


Part 2: Objectives (What are the objectives for this laboratory?)


Part 3: Pre-lab Questions

a. Define ethology and differentiate “learned” and “innate” behavior.

b. Differentiate “taxis” and “kinesis”. Use examples. (DO NOT COPY FROM LAB GUIDE. USE


c. After reading the lab guide, explain what you think is meant by “the distribution of organisms in a

resource gradient”. (Use the web to search if necessary)


Part 4. Methods:

Pillbugs will be observed for 10 minutes and notes will be made on their appearance,

movements and interactions. A detailed sketch of a pillbug will be made.

Kinesis in Pillbugs: A choice chamber will be set up with one side moist and the other side dry.

Ten pillbugs will be observed in the choice chamber for 10 minutes and data will be recorded.

Student Designed Experiment: See page 131 # 1-4

A variable will be selected based on available materials

(temperature, pH, light, background color, surface texture). A controlled experiment will be

written to study the effects of the selected variable on animal behavior.


Part 5: Data

Table 11.1 is a table that will be used in this activity.

(At this point, you will be ready to perform the laboratory. After the lab, we will discuss how to

complete the following parts)


Part 6: Questions

Page 126 #2, 3

Page 129 #1-5


Part 7: Graph

See page 129 for graphing information.


Part 8: Theme Correlation

Explain how this study exemplifies the inquiry process (science as a process).


Part 9: Conclusion

Analyze your data in all of the experiments using isopods. Discuss their movements as “kinesis” or