About Mrs. Newman

This is my second year at DCA, and I couldn't be more excited about it!  I learned so much in school last year that I am bursting to share it with my 2008-2009 fourth grade class.

This past summer, I married my high school sweetheart, Drew, and changed my name from Miss Sanborn to Mrs. Newman.  How confusing for everyone at DCA!  Hopefully, we'll all get the hang of it.

This may be news to you, but teachers do not live at school (all the time).  When I am not spending time with my husband and two kitties, you will probably find me at the library picking out books.  I usually leave with a handful of children's books, an adult book or two, plus a magazine and a few movies.  Aren't libraries just the BEST?  And it's all free to borrow.  I love free stuff! Laughing


"Did you know?" about Mrs. N... 

  • I have two cats: Yuri (Big Kitty) and Little (Little Kitty).  They are both shelter cats.  It's very imprortant to me that we adopt a homeless pet rather than purchasing one.  I used to be a dog person, but since my childhood dog past away, I've become a fan of the feline kind, too.  Mr. Newman is much more of a cat person than me.  I agreed to get another cat after Yuri because I thought that cats don't drool (Little does), jump up on strangers (Little does), root through the trash (Little does), smell stinky(Little does), and demand to be taken on walks all the time (Little does) like dogs do.  Oh well!  At least he's cute.
  • I love to cook, grow my own veggies and herbs, and knit on an occasional quiet evening. 
  • My new favorite hobby is baking cupcakes.  It's fun to make them into animals!
  • My favorite color is purple, because it is the color of royalty... and we're all princes and princesses because we're children of the King! 
  • If I couldn't be a teacher, I would love to be a professional organizer or a writer.  I think humorous books would be my specialty. 
  • I met my husband in our church youth group.
  • I'm afraid of downhill skiing, but (recently) started to love to snowshoe.  It's like hiking (one of my favorite things to do!) with clown shoes on.
  • I grew up in NJ, and most of my family still lives there. 
  • For exercise, I like to go to the Rec Center and practice yoga at my church.  It's fun to laugh at myself because the ladies that are fifty years older than me are sometimes more flexible! 
  • I have two younger brothers and one older half-sister, who has two sons.  My brother, Bob, is a special education teacher in Mission, SD.  My youngest brother, Bill, is a senior at Rutgers University and is captain of the men's Ultimate Frisbee team. 
  • My nephews, Charlie, 5, and Christopher, 18 months, are very cute, but are very exhausting.  Charlie is in kindergarten this year, and Christopher... well, he eats sand.