VA Scrapbook

Virginia Scrapbook

Due Date: Friday, May 8, 2009 


1.      Title page (My Virginia Scrapbook, include a picture of yourself, Name, Date, Fourth Grade) 

2.      Title – Table of Contents         List your pages in order and number them. 

3.      Title – A Look at My State      Put some pictures of Virginia’s nice scenery on this page.  After the title, write Welcome to a study about Virginia, my state.  I have learned many interesting things about my state, including its history, climate, industry, geography, and major cities.  These pictures show its natural beauty. 

4.      Title – A Political Map of Virginia      FYI: A political map shows nations, cities, and states as well as some rivers, lakes, and other bodies of water.  Be sure to include the following on your map: put an X where your hometown is, add important cities (including the capital), and label neighboring states, the ocean, major rivers, and the Chesapeake Bay. 

5.      Title – A Physical Map of Virginia      Be sure to label the mountains, important rivers, lakes, Mt. Rogers, and the five regions of Virginia. 

6.      Title – Seal      Glue a picture of the state seal on the top part of the page and then describe the state seal.

Title (same page) – Virginia’s Nicknames      Write 2-3 sentences about two of Virginia’s nicknames. 

7.      Title – Time Line         Using your history book OR some other source, write down at least 15 events in Virginia’s history.  Draw it vertically by putting the year on the left and the event on the right side of the timeline.           

8.      Title – Early Settlement          Glue a picture of an early settlement on this page and be sure to tell why it is important, what helped to make it an important place, can people go visit it today, etc. 

9.      Title – Historical Figures         Your scrapbook needs to include reports about 2 of the 8 presidents from Virginia.  We will work on writing the president reports in school.  (Optional – you may include other famous people here, too.  Write down 3-5 sentences telling why they are important.)  You may need to create several Historical Figures pages for all your information to fit.  You may type them or write the reports in your best cursive handwriting. 

10.  Title – Famous Landmarks      Cut out pictures of famous landmarks and tell where they are located and why they are famous.  You must include at least two. 

11.  Title – Government     Tell where the capital is and who the governor, senators, and representatives are.  Include pictures if possible. 

12.  Title – Industry and Agriculture          Name at least one industry that is important to Virginia and tell where it is located.  Draw or glue a picture of it.  Also name one agricultural product that is important to Virginia.  Where is it found?  Why is it important?  Include a drawing or picture if you can. 

13.  Title – My County        Write down the county you live in, how many counties there are in Virginia, and the size of your county.  (I will give you a map of VA that shows all of the counties.  You may include this in your scrapbook.) 

14.  Title – Pictures from around the State           Cut out pictures from the internet or brochures and place them decoratively on the page.  A simple label is all you need for each picture. 

15.  Optional pages: Wildlife, Plant Life, Sports, Vacation Spots, My City, Interesting Facts. 

16.  Last page – Summary             I will give this to you so that you may fill in the blanks and include it in your scrapbook. 

IMPORTANT NOTES: We will be starting nearly every page in class.  Please do not start on a page unless you are told to do so by the teacher.  After you start a page in school, it is your responsibility to finish on your own.  If we do not have any snow days, additional class time will be devoted to this project in March or April.  Be sure to do your very best.  It should be neat, colorful, and attractive.  We will display these so other students will be able to look at them.  This will count for 30% of your fourth quarter social studies grade. 


·         You may include anything else in your scrapbook as long as it is flat.  Examples would be: reproductions of historical documents, a small state flag, photos that relate to the subject matter, tickets stubs, field trip photos, etc.

·         Use Google Images for a great selection of photos on the Internet.  If you would like a picture of something but cannot find it, ask me and I will try to find it for you.  (Please ask at least one day before we work on the page for which you need it.)

·         You should do the Table of Contents page last.  After you have assembled your book, number the pages.  

Have fun working on your project!  You are going to treasure this for years to come!   Mrs. Newman