This Week's Spelling Words



Test and Points due on TUESDAY, MAY 19 - OUR LAST SORT


cellar, seller, weather, whether, allowed, aloud, flower, flour, bored, board, vary, very, their, there,

hire, higher, desert, dessert, principle, principal, choose, chews, marry, merry



Weekly Spelling Points 


Dear Parents,

To help study for spelling tests, the fourth grade students will have spelling homework assignments to complete.  Each student must complete at least 30 points of spelling assignments for the week.  They may do any combination of assignments to earn or exceed the weekly 30 points.  If you and your student have an idea to add to our list, please let me know and I will consider assigning a point value and adding it!

The spelling week begins each Tuesday.  Assignments must be turned in by Tuesday morning or they will be counted as a zero.  No late work may be submitted!  Staple an index card to the collection of activities (see example) with your list and point values.  Students may turn in their spelling assignments early if they wish to do so.  Students may only do each activity once a week for point credit.  Note:  There are several activities which require a parent/guardian signature.  Simply list the activity on the notecard and sign.

Have fun,           

Mrs. Newman  


5 point activities:

·         Write each word three times in cursive

·         Write each word backwards (ex: backwards would be written sdrawkcab)

·         Write each word without its vowels.  Replace each vowel with a line.

·         Write all spelling words in alphabetical order.

·         Recite each word and its spelling to a parent/guardian (signature required)

·         Write each word in sidewalk chalk OR with your finger in sand or sugar (signature required)

·         Write your words with the letters mixed up.  Then ask a friend to unscramble them.  Correct your friend’s paper.  Each of you earns 5 points!

·         Create a secret code by assigning a number to each letter of the alphabet.  Write your spelling words in code.  Challenge a friend to use that code to decode each word.  Correct your classmate’s work.  Each of you earns 5 points!


10 point activities:

·         Rainbow writing with four colors

o   Write each word in one color crayon, then trace over it with another color, then another.  Crayon or colored pencil is acceptable, but no marker, please.

·         Create and solve a word find with at least 15 of the words.

·         Illustrate 10 of the words on a piece of blank paper.  Label each illustration.

·         Write each spelling word.  Next to each word, write two additional words of at least four letters that can be spelled using the letters in the word.

·         Write each spelling word and its definition.

·         Write each word in numbers.  Find each letter on a telephone keypad and write the corresponding number for each letter.

·         Spell your words into a tape recorder.  Say each word, then use it in a sentence, then spell it the word, then say the word again.  (signature required)

·         Cut index cards in half and draw pictures to go with at least 15 of your words.  Write your spelling words on the other half-size cards.  Play a game of concentration with your cards. (signature required)


20 point activities:

·         Word Hunt

o   Find words with the same patterns as our spelling words in books, on signs, anywhere.  You must have a minimum of 5 in each category and a total of 20 words.  Oddballs do not count, but you may include towards your total count if you wish.

·         Creating a crossword puzzle

o   Create and solve a crossword puzzle using 15 of the spelling words and their definitions.

·         Word Game

o   Sign out the weekly word game from Mrs. Newman and play it for at least 20 minutes with someone at home.  Students may only sign out the game for one night. (signature required)

·         Short story

o   Write a short story (about 1 page of notebook paper) using 10 of the spelling words.  It must be a real story with a beginning, middle, and end.  Do not forget to have a problem and solution for your characters.  Underline each spelling word in the story.

·         Write a mnemonic sentence to help you remember each of your spelling words.  Each letter of the word should start a word in the sentence.  Ex: a mnemonic sentence for the word throw might be Ted has rented one wheelbarrow.

·         Cut out large letters from headlines or ads in newspapers or magazines.  Use the letters to spell your words.  Paste the letters on a large sheet of paper.


The index card should look like this:


Name: _____________________________________                               Date Due ________________________


Activity                                                                 Points                                   Parent/Guardian signature (if required)









                                                Total points                                        (30 points required)