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Alexander County AIG Lead Teacher

Alexander County Schools Vision for local AIG Program: To provide a rigorous curriculum with a variety of educational opportunities to challenge our Academically and/or Intellectually Gifted students.  To provide a 21st Century Learning Environment, and individualized instructional opportunities to teach 21st Century curriculum and prepare our students to be the next generation of leaders.  In partnership with our local school board, parents and community to provide these opportunities to all students with outstanding abilities representing all cultural groups and economic levels.

Definition of Gifted:

  • Academically/Intellectually gifted students perform or show potential at a substantially high level of accomplishment compared with others of their age.
  • Academically/Intellectually gifted students exhibit high performance capability in intellectual areas and/or specific academic areas.
  • Academically/Intellectually gifted students require differentiated educational services beyond the regular educational program.
  • Outstanding abilities are present in students from all cultural groups, across all economic strata, and in all areas of human endeavor.

Screening Grades Grades K-2:

The screening begins with the kindergarten child.

The screening is ongoing through K-3 years.

The regular classroom teacher begins to collect data on those children who demonstrate high ability.  The teacher is responsible for:

  • Collection of observation data
  • Portfolio of student work that demonstrates high performance
  • Observation by school-based AIG Teacher or AIG Lead Teacher/Coordinator
  • Early childhood checklist
  • Student performance and achievement data (K-2 assessments)
  • Teacher recommendation form

The AIG teacher and AIG Review Team collaborates with regular classroom teachers each year, track potentially gifted students, review data and decide upon appropriate modifications. 

Screening Grades 3-5

During the second semester all third and fifth grade students take the Test of Cognitive Skills/Second Edition (TCS/2).  The results of this test are evaluated along with comprehensive data available for the student.  Additional evaluation tools are as follows:

  • EOG results
  • Teacher recommendations based upon checklist
  • Student portfolio
  • Motivation assessment (student self-assessment, teacher assessment)
  • Observation by school-based AIG Teacher or County AIG Coordinator
  • TONI/3 as needed
  • Consult with LEP (limited English Proficiency) staff and provide appropriate services as needed
  • Duke Talend Identification Program

The names of students with scores in the eighty-fifth percentile on the TCS/2 and/or End-of-Grade Tests will establish the pool of students along with recommendations from the teachers, LEP staff, principal, or parent requests.

AIG screening is ongoing, year-round and system-wide.

Identification pools are maintained at each school and are reviewed annually or whenever appropriate.


The AIG Review Committee determines eligibility after examination of all data (qualitative and quantitative).

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