Classroom Routines


Welcome to a new school year!  Below is some important information about our class.
Agenda: Students will need to have their agendas at school every day.  I will check and sign these every day.  Agendas are a great place to write us a quick note.
Homework: Students are encouraged to read in French for 15-20 minutes an evening several days a week. The students have a reading log where they will write down what they have read - parents will sign this and I will check it at school in the morning.
Sometimes there will be additional homework if the students have no finished work in class OR supplemental work sent home - these should be brought back the next day. 
Indoor shoes: In order to keep our classroom carpets clean and to keep students safe in the event of fire drills, students must have a second pair of indoor shoes to wear inside the school.  It is recommended that these shoes be running shoes, so that they can also be worn for physical education.
Library: (TBD)
Nutrition break:  Plum Tree Park P.S. is a peanut-free and nut-free school. Students are asked not to share food due to possible allergies. When possible, please pack snacks and lunches in reusable containers to reduce the amount of garbage created in our classroom. 

Physical educationIn order to participate and to ensure safety in physical education, students must wear appropriate footwear (e.g., running shoes).In order to help prevent the loss of items, we ask that you please use a permanent marker to label them. If your child is unable to participate due to illness or injury, please send us a note to let us know this and inform us when your child will be able to resume regular physical education classes. 


Gym days: 
Day 2 - Period 3
Day 5 - Period 6